Simulating Real-World Security Scenarios in Cybersecurity Labs

Lab No. 1- Corporate Network Security Lab | Protect Your Network from Threats

install Elasticsearch integrate zeek wazuh and build kibana dashboard, Elasticsearch best practices

In this lab, we will focus on monitoring and implementing protections in the corporate network to better protect against potential threats. We will cover key questions such as how to better protect the corporate network and how to detect network anomalies or potential hacks. Participants will learn how to implement a range of security components, including Snort 3 rules, Zeek IDS, Wazuh EDR, Elasticsearch, and Kibana.

This lab is ideal for professionals who want to improve their knowledge of corporate network security and implement effective protections against potential threats.

  • The labs include evaluating and testing new security technologies, simulating and practicing for real-world security scenarios
  • Purpose: Providing a controlled environment for learning, testing, and practicing cybersecurity skills and technologies.



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